In the Spirit of Samhain

A friend and I were disscusing the lack of inspiring poetry on some of the pagan blogs that seem to wash up on the internet from time to time. Now I’m no poetry expert, and some poems are great. But with some, you don’t need an english degree to know they stink. I guess some folks forgot that they stopped giving A’s for effort back in middle school. So rather than being just a critic, I present you with this seasonal poem. I hope you enjoy it.

The Spirit of Samhain

Summers warmth,
 And light does fade;
Colours change,
  Within forest glade.

Gusting wind,
  And fallen leaf;
Ripened fruit,
 And gathered sheaf.

Cosmic wheel,
 Ever turning; 
Samhain fire,
 Brightly burning.

Sacrifice made,
 To Great Ones old;
Honour the Mighty,
 Of stories told.

Spirits dance,
 Upon the smoke;
Ancient words,
 Again are spoke.

Omens cast,
 To gain the sight;
Whispered charms,
 T’wards starry night.

By sacred tree,
 And standing stone;
Through the veil,
 To us is shown.

Of heroes and lovers,
 Bards do sing;
Warmth to hearts,
 The tales bring.

Toast with wine,
  And bless the beast;
All are kin,
 Who share our feast.



~ by Solaren on September 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “In the Spirit of Samhain”

  1. A nice piece… and you are quite right, there is a ton of less-than-remarkable poetry on the internet.

  2. Solaren…I dig your poetry.

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