An update

I know, I know I’ve neglected my blogging duties. I’ve had some chaos going on in my life lately.  Since everything seemed to be changing around me, I decided it was time to embarce it and make it for the best. Sooo, I’m happy to say that I’ve gone back to university. I figured it was about time I finished my BSc. in Psyc. I’ve talked about going back and possibly becoming a Naturopath. No time like the present. It’s a bit of a shock to be back after so long. Especially since I am still working full time and doing part time classes. Busy busy. And to top that all off I still have my commitments to the new grove and completing my dedicant program. It will take some adjusting to my new routine in order to find time for other interests. I’ll blog when I can. Wish me luck.


~ by Solaren on September 27, 2009.

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