Crafting a Hobby Horse

I thought Id share about more about the hobby horse I made for Beltaine. It actually turned out to be a bit easier than I had at first thought. I have pictures for most of the steps. It is pretty straight forward.

  • Creating the drawing was the hardest part for me. It took me a while before I was happy with it.
  • I used a photocopier to enlarge the image to the right size.
  • I cut around the outside of the large image and used it to create all the cardboard cut outs I needed for the head.
  • I needed 3 cut outs to match the thickness of the dowel I used, and than I cut a notch in the cut outs for the dowel.
  • I used 2 more cut outs for the outer sides of the head to increase the overall thickness and to hide the dowel notches.
  • I clued the 3 notched pieces together, glued one facing piece on, set the dowel with glue, and glued the final facing piece and let them dry.
  • Once it was dry I shaved off the unmatched parts and sanded it with a Dremel sander.
  • I covered the whole head with a light weight and waterproof plaster. Once dry I sanded the plaster smooth with my Dremel. The plaster will help fill in the holes in the edges of the cardboard and gives you a much nicer painting surface.
  • I cut my image again separating it into two stencils. Using these I could flip them over to get both sides of the head identical. The black outline was the most useful, however the white one allowed me to get the placement of the eye and nostril.
  • I did a few coats of white paint over the whole head and dowel. Than using pencil I lightly traced my stencil.
  • I painted the black following my pencil lines, filled in the red eye, and finished the project with a light coat of varnish spray.
  • Name your horse, than ride him/her to victory.

I had a request from a friend to make her a purple unicorn. That should be an interesting project. I also want to make a Norse style dragon or sea monster like Ogopogo or Nessie.

Have fun and good luck.


~ by Solaren on July 27, 2009.

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