Beltaine Poems

These are my latest attempts at poetry 🙂

A Seed Blessing

Seed to root, stem and leaf
Flower to fruit, corn and sheaf

Dark of earth, light of sky
Sown for birth, ripe for scythe

Grain and feed, bread and meat
Ale and mead, feast and eat

Seeds we lay, now to sprout
Blessed today, this we shout

A Pagan I Am

I’m Pagan as you can see,
But how could I really be?
A Pagan I am for I am free,
I am myself and truly me.

This one I wrote with Juniper

Feast and Fire

Feast and fire
Dance and desire
This Sacred Rite
Our great delight
Here we dine
And drink May wine
Now we toast
Who we love most
Green Oak King
To him we sing
Leaf and bud
Stag and stud
Sky and Earth
Brings rebirth
Seed of the field
Land be healed
Here we stand
To bless the Land
This our clan
Woman and man
Lovely lass
Raise your glass
The first of May
Its time to play
Feast and fire
Dance and desire
(Repeat last two lines x3)


~ by Solaren on May 4, 2009.

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