Beltaine at Misty Acres

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I was a very busy Druid preparing for Beltaine! Hopefully you’ll forgive me. 🙂

My projects for this year were to make a Greenman/Oak King mask, make a hobby horse, put a handle on my new sickle blade I got for my birthday, write some seasonal poetry and to repair and reinforce the Great Boar from last years games. I’m happy to say I got them all completed, even though I was working on them right up until the last night. I’ll post more about those projects later.

For Beltaine this year I spent three days at Misty Acres with Juniper in Greenwood, BC. Friday I spent helping with preparations, the most noteworthy was attempting to dig a three foot deep hole in rocky mountain soil for the Maypole. I managed a foot and a half before darkness and exhaustion. *chuckle* Well… it wasn’t just the digging; there was some seasonal outdoor hanky-panky in there as well. *grin* Apparently, a sweaty Druid with a shovel occasionally uttering profanity has a certain appeal.

Saturday we had time for a few last minute preparations before people started showing up. We had some time to visit before we started the games. This year I brought a Druids’ Hearth favourite, the Great Boar Hunt! We have a giant black Celtic style boar painted on a large piece of wood. Each participant gets to throw 3 spears per round. Killing blows to the head or torso are worth two points; all other shots are worth one. Usually after three rounds the winner is declared. This year our winner was declared our May King. Hail the King! The Great Boar hunt is traditional at this time of year because the Boar represents the Hag, a sterile manifestation of the goddess of the land, which must be slain so that she may be reborn as the Flower Maiden. This year we also had a hobby horse race. Participants could ride a hobby horse, broom, stang or other such device. One rider rode a boar spear! *chuckle* I entered the Faery hobby horse I made; named after Manannan’s horse, Enbarr of the Flowing Mane. In the men’s heat, I WON! I did have a trick up my sleeve though. I used a carrot on a stick. *chuckle* And oddly enough I won by a carrot! Great fun. For the women’s heat the winner was declared May Queen. Hail the Queen!

There was a wildcrafting walk/talk lead by the resident hedgewitch. We identified some different types of plants and talked about proper ways to harvest and other such things.

Misty Acres has a lovely Grove that has a nice view of the valley and a great little pond near by. Unfortunately it is more of a walk than a few of the mobility challenged could manage. We held the ritual in a large open field where we had unpacked and camped.

The ritual was a Celtic Hedgewitchy rite. I was asked to stand as Priest and Oak King, and I was honoured to do so. Some of the elements in Juniper’s ritual I really liked. The most notable was the use of a walking meditation (as opposed to ‘normal’ grounding meditations where you stand still, close your eyes and ‘be a tree’). The walking meditation blended into creating a furrow into the mythic earth, and growing a hedge to guard our sacred space. You can find Juniper’s blog and a copy of the ritual at or in my links section.

As any worthy High Day celebration we ended with a Feast! Arguably one of my favourite parts; nothing beats great food, and great company. I toasted, and then boasted that I would complete my ADF dedicant program before next years Beltaine. So now I’m committed and honour bound to keep my word.

Sunday was clean up and some down time. All and all an awesome weekend, but as usual, too short. Ah well, one of the beauties of Paganism is we get eight High Days! Yay us! *chuckle*

I want to extend my thanks again to Juniper and Misty Acres for hosting this event. I know the amount of work and time, money and energy that goes into organizing. And all too often our leaders and organizers go un-thanked un-blessed and unappreciated.

Here is my final Beltaine toast of 2009. Here is to all those leaders and organizers that give so much to our community! Thank you. *takes a swig of wine* GHOSTI!


~ by Solaren on May 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Beltaine at Misty Acres”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Sounds like you guys had an amazing day, and in such a great setting as well.

    Your friend Juniper certainly wrote an inspiring rite, you guys put alot of heart and time into it, and it’s easy to see that.

    Your Beltaine poetry is excellent! You need to submit those to Oak Leaves…I know the ADF readers would love them.

    Also, here’s a virtual Huzzah! on your oath to complete the Dedicant material.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I will make some submissions to Oak Leaves.

  3. Good write-up, I¡¦m regular visitor of one¡¦s site, maintain up the nice operate, and It is going to be a regular visitor for a lengthy time.

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