More writing about the nine virtues for my dedicant program.


Vision is the guiding star of the nine virtues. It gives one direction and purpose. Vision is more than dreams or goals, they are specific and unique. Someone who is able to see things in a new light and either has a new way of accomplishing something or has a completely new purpose. Usually in regards to an advancement in thought or process. Visions can become the driving purpose behind someone’s life. They can be brought about by a state of heightened awareness, or a brush with the supernatural. Having a vision in of itself is not enough to bring it to completion. The difference between someone who is called a dreamer or a visionary is that the visionary has more than just vision. They have a plan they have laid out to follow, and the resources and strength of character to preserver until it is accomplished.



~ by Solaren on March 27, 2009.

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