My initial reaction to the word piety was negative in the sense that it is hollow action, or put on for show, perhaps even snobbish or pretentious. The mood is summed up quite well with the slang term “goodie goodie”. Now while the modern meaning could be seen in such a way, the meaning has changed when you compare it with that of the original Latin pietas. In the modern meanings there is a division between pious actions, done out of habit, for outward appearances or to win favour or forgiveness; and “true” spiritual piety, done because one understands and accepts their responsibilities to family and friends, their Gods and organizations to which they belong. The latter meaning is the only one that appears in the original Latin. True piety is the actions of one who consciously fulfills their role in society through dutifulness, observance and reverence.


~ by Solaren on March 26, 2009.

One Response to “Piety”

  1. “The Faith is a belief concerned with the inner nature of devotion, and finally with the nature of mysticism and mystical experience. It has, in common with all great religions, an inner experience that is greater than the exterior world. It is a discipline that creates from the world an enriched inward vision. It can and does embrace the totality of human experience from birth to death, then beyond. It creates within the human spirit a light that brightens all darkness, and which can never again be extinguished. It is never fully forgotten and never fully remembered. The True Faith is the life of the follower, without it he is nothing; with it he has contained something of all creation. “ ~ Robert Cochrane

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