Ostara at Oakstone Grove, ADF

As a dedicant I am asked to journal my celebration and experiences of the High Days.

This year for Ostara my girlfriend and I traveled to Vancouver to celebrate with Oakstone Protogrove, ADF. Even though I have been a practicing ADF druid for years, this was the first time that I have been able to attend a rite with other ADF members, and not be the one in charge of organizing and leading the event. It was defiantly a nice change. The rite was held in an occult book shop in a castle-like building in New Westminster. The Patron of the rite was Dagda Mor. We started off with a well told story about the time The Dagda’s harp was stolen by the Formorians, and how it was retrieved without bloodshed. I had been asked by Firinn if I wanted to have a part in the ritual. I agreed to open and close the gates Druids Hearth style. The Druids Hearth uses the ritual Gaelic phrases from Ian Corrigans book, Druidheachd. So with my trusty apple/bell branch and the petrified shell sacred to Manannan, I parted the veil, and closed it again later on. We offered sacrifices to the Kindreds, and to The Dagda as the Patron God. The Gods offered us protection in return for our sacrifices. To receive the blessing we all shared the waters of life, which happened to be a delicious bottle of cranberry mead. While the mead was going around we sang a chant where the men’s part was the line “power of the spirits”. Now oddly enough due to the mead the meaning of “power of the spirits” took on a bit more meaning. Delicious! Energy was high, and great fun was had by all. The evening came to a close far too soon, and so to, our trip to Vancouver. Happy Ostara everyone!


~ by Solaren on March 26, 2009.

One Response to “Ostara at Oakstone Grove, ADF”

  1. Oh, one other thing that I thought was neat was the cheer GHOSTI! *laughs* Everyone insisted on shouting it out periodically during the ritual. Great fun. GHOSTI!

    Heres a link to an article about it on the ADF site. http://www.adf.org/articles/identity/ghosti-cheer.html


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