Wisdom to me is the practical application of knowledge tempered with experience. Wisdom can not be taught, it is learned. Wisdom comes with the understanding of how to apply knowledge rightly. Wisdom would be the ability to apply raw information to a new circumstance or problem, to successfully and effectively problem solve. Wisdom is also the ability to make the right choice even in the absence of specific knowledge or pertinent information. This would be achievable in two ways: one would be by being able to draw on a wealth of life experience; and two would to be in tune with the spiritual forces of the universe, thus drawing upon wisdom greater than your own. Wisdom allows a person to have their fingers on the “pulse”, to be “tuned in”; enabling them to pick up on information that most would miss. A wise person sees a bigger picture, is able to plan several moves in advance in the chess game of life. Wisdom allows a person to overcome problems before they arise and to position ones-self in order to maximize opportunity. I believe that attaining wisdom is a continual process. There is no “Ah-ha!” moment. It is more of a slow and steady process of learning, growing and understanding.


~ by Solaren on March 25, 2009.

5 Responses to “Wisdom”

  1. The idea that wisdom has to be learned through life experience seems to be based on the idea that we learn from our mistakes. Why not learn by thinking about our past experiences? A few experiences and sufficient generalization might offer a great deal of wisdom.

    Learning by imitation, watching others make mistakes, and even stories have all been quite helpful.

    • From my own experience some things cannot be understood until they are lived through. An example would be that when we are very young our parents try to explain the why behind not doing certain things, but it wasn’t until I lived through the mistake that I was fully able to understand what they were saying and to apply it.

      • You might be right that living through an experience and making a mistake is one of the most effective ways of learning, but can’t we figure out for ourselves that running into traffic is a bad idea? Do we have to taste poisonous mushrooms to learn that it isn’t a good idea?

        We evolved generalization, communication, and storytelling to avoid such dangers without requiring that we make mistakes.

  2. I agree, there are many ways one can gain life experience. First hand knowledge is one of these; as well as learning from observing others, reading stories and looking back on our own actions.

  3. Wisdom is much abstract. Wisdom is like peeping through the peephole of information and knowledge but still able to see the wider vision.
    This may interest you :

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