A Druid Altar

My Druid Altar

A Druid Altar

My dedicant program asks for a description, with photos of my home shrine and plans for future improvements.

On the altar you will see in the center, a cast iron cauldron with wood for the Sacred Fire. Sometimes instead of the fire, I place a small living tree in the center to represent the world tree.

The three cauldrons of Earth, Sea and Sky surround the Sacred Fire. The Cauldron of Earth is the focal point for the Nature Spirits. It is filled with dirt with a small standing stone in the middle. Also I put some fresh greenery inside as well, generally a few oak leaves and acorns. Feathers and other animal tokens also make good additions. The Cauldron of Sea is the focal point for the Ancestors. It is filled with salt water and has many tokens of the sea such as shells and coral. In addition I add a silver coin and a crystal skull. The Cauldron of Sky is the focal point for the Gods. The cauldron has sand in the bottom, and a ceramic bowl (for practical reasons). However the main feature is an incense burner which sends the smoke from the sacred incense upon the air to the Gods.

Placed inbetween the three cauldrons, also surrounding the Sacred Fire. A petrified shell I use as a Treasure of Manannan. This shell is used to invoke Manannan in order to part the veil between the worlds. A vial of sacred oil I use for anointing and for offerings to the Kindreds. Also a small dish holding incense for the Cauldron of Sky. Many times I will have other items such as my bag of Ogham or Runes and items specific to the rite.

Along the outer edge of the altar are a bell branch, a ritual blade and a sickle (not shown in this picture). These three items represent the three classes of Celtic society: the bell branch represents the nobility, the blade the warrior class and the sickle the comon folk who worked the land. The bell branch is made of apple wood and has nine bells. It is used during invocations and to aid in parting the veil. The blade is a symbol of strength and protection. The sickle represents the harvest and our connection to the land.

Now I realize that an altar and a shrine are similar but different. This would be my ritual altar. I also have a working altar, which is more a place for study and work. I will include photos of that at a later date. I also have plans for ancreating an actual shrine. A place for images and idols and other things sacred to the Kindreds where I could focus prayers and give offerings.


~ by Solaren on March 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Druid Altar”

  1. Nice Pic! I especially like you Cauldron of the Sea and its collection of contents.

  2. This is wonderful, you’ve given me lots of inspiration for a similar type of altar here. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Hi, I like this site. Thank you in requital for tips. I build these tips somewhat helpful. But I got another without question: where to buy admissible and shoddy artist products?

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